We at Hishuvim Berosh Tov Ltd., do not like surprises and therefore we are very pedantic to have a clear and organized work process. Clarity is the most important item in a project and the method by which the whole process is performed. In the following list you will be able to see what you will receive at every stage.

First work meeting with the project’s architect

The meeting for “accepting the project” with the architect/supervisor/party ordering the work, in order to make precise definitions of finishing and obtaining any missing data. Preparing a summary of the meeting of the matters decided at the meeting which will be distributed to all relative factors.

Preparation of final visual plans

The preparation of a set of visual plans is the prior stage for preparing a quantities list in the most complete and precise way, and to do this requires a process of obtaining plans from the architect and all the professional consultants in the project, and a complete analysis of all the information by a professional and trained team. The set of visual plans includes a floor plan, ceiling plan, construction and fin ishing of each floor, the plans which describe the work stages that the contractor is required to perform, being simple clear and vivid.

Preparation of material for the tender

The preparation of a full quantities list is divided into two books:

  • Quantities list for costing by a finishing contractor including list of optional items used as a “prices bank” (buildings no. 02+03 in the quantities lists)
  • The suppliers’ quantities list which describes the work which is not the direct responsibility of the party ordering the work up to calculating the quantity of mezuzas (buildings no. 04+05)  in the quantities list

Process of preparing budget estimate

Preparation of a budget estimate is based on the following stages:

  • Finishing work according to market prices in the relative sector (building no. 02 in the quantities list).
  • Working with the plumbing, electricity and air conditioning systems according to the estimates received from the relevant consultants.
  • Suppliers work according to the price proposals, contracts and price evaluations together with the architect/supervisor of the building.

Issuing a tender to the finishing contractors / main contractor

  • The supervisor of the building sends the quantities list plus a set of visual plans to contractors together with the architect’s and consultants’ data for costing while providing timetables for returning the costed estimates.
  • The quantities list is costed/price offers of contractors will be sent and entered into the computer  to obtain an organized comparison/summary of the proposals by “Hishuvim Berosh Tov” in order to analyze and compare together with the supervisor in order to accept the best price proposal for customers.

Issuing a tender to suppliers / sub-contractors

Preparing a quantities list for suppliers who are chosen by the architect / supervisor / customer in order to assist in obtaining price proposals such as:

  • Internal door tender, underfloor heating system, provision of floors and facings, glass work, aluminum work, carpentry based on the architectural information existing at this stage.



All In One product Selecting contractors, ordering materials, Changes, checking accounts. Our product will save you expensive time and a lot of trouble.


Maximum accuracy and attention to details allow us to submit a BOQ with minimum discrepancy between planned and actual coasts.


Combining the client, supervisor and architect’s needs allow making a BOQ which contains all the work details and material needs.


The high standards of service, The personal attention and guidance are what makes each project an experiance which bring back our clients over and over again.

We are always happy to be at your service please contact us for any question or for Scheduling a meeting

PHONE: 972-9542059

We are always happy to be at your service please contact us for any question or for scheduling a meeting

PHONE: 972-9-9542059 MOBILE: 972-52-6513773

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