Bill of quantities (BOQ)

A detailed and accurate BOQ is the key to reliable and clear budget estimate in any construction project, and it significantly reduces the likelihood of gaps between the budget allocated for a project and the actual budget necessary. 

The BOQ offered by the Rosh Tov Company was developed based on two perspectives: one – from a top view – that reviews the entire plan and captures the bigger picture, and the other is derived from the fact that we are part of the construction or renovation process.

The BOQ offered by us precedes information that is obtained sometimes only at later stages of the project. With our solution, you know what is expected and you can commence the project with a peace of mind.

Our BOQ allows you:

  • Clear estimate of the expected project budget already in the early stages . before the project is actually performed.
  • Getting quotations from various contractors based on a detailed BOQ, that takes into account the construction operations that will have to be performed by various professionals.
  • Comparison between several quotations based on a single common denominator, allowing you to negotiate each of the construction elements.
  • Sound decision making about the project components, in accordance with the budget allocated for the project.
  • Minimization of the deviations from the budget or from the plan.
  • Clarity that will allow you to commence a project as you have all the information needed.

The Chishuvim BeRosh Tov company saves you valuable time and money and provides you with a peace of mind.

The Company provides professional BOQs to leading inspectors and architects in Israel, and to their customers who seek the highest accuracy and full transparency of the project, from the beginning to the end.



All In One product Selecting contractors, ordering materials, Changes, checking accounts. Our product will save you expensive time and a lot of trouble.


Maximum accuracy and attention to details allow us to submit a BOQ with minimum discrepancy between planned and actual coasts.


Combining the client, supervisor and architect’s needs allow making a BOQ which contains all the work details and material needs.


The high standards of service, The personal attention and guidance are what makes each project an experiance which bring back our clients over and over again.

We are always happy to be at your service please contact us for any question or for Scheduling a meeting

PHONE: 972-9542059

We are always happy to be at your service please contact us for any question or for scheduling a meeting

PHONE: 972-9-9542059 MOBILE: 972-52-6513773

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