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We are here for you! Based on our years of experience, and thanks to our highly skilled and professional staff, we have gained valuable insights into the actual needs of our customers. Consequently, we have developed additional services that minimize the need to hire additional professionals.

The additional services we offer, that supplement our other services, are:

  • Translation of the BOQ and visual graphic plans from Hebrew to English – to prevent errors in the translation made by an external translator who is not familiar with the specific terms used. The translation allows English speakers to read and understand all of the bill of quantities items, and make proper decisions in the project.
  • An option to check bills on a monthly basis (in cases that there is no construction inspector in the project ) – upon request, we will control and inspect the actual realization of the bill of quantities at the construction site, and with the performing contractor.
  • BOQs for frame works that will be performed based on architectural and construction plans.

The additional services are a separate addition to the services offered by the Company, and they will be priced in separate, in accordance with the customer requirements.

We are always happy to be at your service please contact us for any question or for Scheduling a meeting

PHONE: 972-9542059

We are always happy to be at your service please contact us for any question or for scheduling a meeting

PHONE: 972-9-9542059 MOBILE: 972-52-6513773

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